Restaurant review: Hitting the right notes at The Playlist Pizzeria

Bandra’s newest music-themed pizzeria is a cosy, pizza-slice shaped space, with a lot to like. Subtle musical elements are incorporated into the décor. An ‘On Air’ sign above the entrance is lit up when the restaurant is open for service, and triangles on the ceiling’s light fixtures represent both a slice of pie and the universally-recognised play button.

The thematic playfulness continues in the menu: appetisers like salads, garlic bread and chicken are listed under ‘The Opening Act’; on ‘The Mainstage’, you’ll find their selection of pizzas; at the bottom is ‘The After Party’, or the dessert. Those who would like to play the role of music magnate can customise their pizzas by selecting the options available in ‘The Producers’ section. But it’s not just the pizzas that can be customised — you can download the restaurant’s app and use it as a virtual jukebox to select the music you’d like to listen to while you’re in the restaurant.

Hips Don't Lie, The Playlist Pizzeria
Hips Don’t Lie

We decide to skip customising our experience and went with the regular available on the menu. Not surprisingly, all the pizzas are named after songs, except Bieleibers, which was happily not as cheesy as the singer’s music. In fact, the use of a sliver of feta gave it a pleasing saltiness. Hips Don’t Lie, topped with arugula, jalapenos, sun-dried tomatoes and spinach, was delightfully piquant and tart. Every bite of the No Diggity, a combination of tandoori chicken, onions and green chillies, reminded me of a masala cheese toast – with chicken. And yes, the pork-heavy Satisfaction will leave you quite satisfied.

The downside of Playlist is its location, deep inside St Baptist Road. It’s not easy to find and it’s a little too far away from the action. Drawing customers to the restaurant is going to be one of the biggest challenges the pizzeria will face.

WHAT: The Playlist Pizzeria
WHERE: Shop No.1, Gloria Apartments, St. Baptist Road, Near Mount Mary Steps, Bandra West
WHEN:  12 noon to midnight
COST: 9-inch pizzas are between Rs 310 -650, 12-inch between Rs 460 -950
CALL: 6555-4151

Published HT Weekend September 2015

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