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Difficult to explain eggs

So what are you making for breakfast tomorrow apart from the frittata?” Manju asks me finishing up the last bits of the Shakshuka I’ve cooked for dinner. “Ahh… ummm… it’s a Thai-Malayali dish stuffed into a Mumbai pav,” I offer by way of a not-too-helpful explanation. I’m at […]

A grand meal at India Jones

It’s been almost a year since I’ve been to India Jones. The last time we went the food was quite a let-down and we weren’t inclined to return. However the partner-in-dine was in the mood for dim sum and we decide to give India Jones a second chance […]

Phad-Phak-Boong-Rai-Garn (Stir-Fried Morning Glory with Oyster SauceRuen Mallika, Bangkok

Royal feast at Ruen Mallika

Ruen Mallika is not easy to find. Set in a traditional Thai teak house the restaurant is tucked deep inside a little by lane off Sukumvit 22. Though it’s not really all that far away from the main hubs of city that tourists are more familiar with, it […]

A tasty lunch at Nahm, Bangkok

Lunch at Nahm, listed No 3 on the Asia Top 50 Restaurant list, was my travelling companion and gourmand-in-arms Mehernosh Khajotia’s idea. We took one look at the tasting menu and we all agreed: it had to be on the list. And what good decision that turned out […]