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Sorrentina Sphere, Ottimo, ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru

The year in 3 dishes

This has been a year of great meals for me. These three stand out over the many others. Ottimo, ITC Gardenia: I have no reservations in saying that the best Italian meal I’ve had in my life has been at Ottimo. While other Italian restaurants are caught up […]

The Great Indian Melting Pot

As international fast food chains look for ways to grow in India, expect to see more fusion fare on your plastic trays than global grub on the menu by Antoine Lewis It was just terrible. Everything about it was wrong. We ordered it because Pizza Hut is close to the office and would deliver the […]

Indian Cuisine goes Haute

Antoine Lewis discovers the many joys of fine dining with a ‘Modern Indian’ palate Indian food has not changed much over the last hundred years. The two great changes of the last century have been the spread of Indian-style international cuisines like Indian-Chinese, Indian-Italian and well, Gujarati-Mexican and […]