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Fun in a Bun

My biggest purchase on my recent visit to Sri Lanka was bacon – I brought 3 kilos back with me. It’s one of the many reasons that I made a trip to Sri Lanka – to meet people I hadn’t in twenty years and to buy Keells bacon. This may sound […]

Spicy Mushroom Burger

Some recipes can give you a very difficult time. The mushroom patty for this burger turned out to be my bête noire and suffice to say I’ve cooked and eaten plenty of unsatisfactory mushroom burgers in the last month.  (I should add the caveat that my standards of […]

Peach-Apricot and Orange Milkshake

The discovery of Mapro’s Peach-Apricot Crush has been somewhat fortuitous. In this heat I’m always looking for something cold to drink;  something more exciting than water  and less intoxicating and calorific than beer. I haven’t returned to cold coffee as yet, mostly because I’ve become a coffee snob […]

Chocolate Rice Pudding

I am not a big fan of desserts; I’m even less enamoured of chocolate, but this pudding had me licking the bowl clean. It took much discipline to restrain myself from finishing off the pudding before I finished photographing it. What I really like about this recipe is […]