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Corn Salad with dill and bacon

Easy Corn Salad

  I often make up recipes on the spot. As often I forget what I made and more importantly, especially when it comes out successfully, what I put into it. Fortunately, the partner-in-dine remembers, mostly, everything that I’ve cooked (and sometimes things I may or may not have said). And this Sunday afternoon, […]

Sunrise on the Greens

About two months ago I decided I was going to cut out carbs from my meals as far as possible. I did that reasonably well by happily turning to red and processed meats and fruits. The only problem was that there wasn’t enough fibre in my diet: I […]

Roasted Corn Salad

  This is just a simple, no-fuss salad inspired by Esquites, the Mexican street corn salad. We love buying roasted corn off street carts as much as Mexicans, who also not surprisingly, like the salty, tangy flavours we crave so the recipe didn’t need to be adapted much.  I’ve substituted queso fresco, the  mildly sour-salty, […]

Fusilli with Two Mushrooms and Spinach

Twas the night before the night of Christmas and everything was stirring, the dogs were barking and girlfriend and I were debating about what I could cook for the Christmas lunch that was a coming. ‘Make a salad’, she suggested. I don’t understand vegetables I replied, they confuse […]

Decadent Potato Salad

Decadent Potato Salad

Anyone who can boil water can make a potato salad. Even someone who can’t fry an egg, or prepare anything more complicated than a kachumber has a recipe for a potato salad. It’s one of those rare classic dishes which no one feels scared at attempting and which […]