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Wine Library, Thai Pavilion, Taj President, Mumbai

A Library Of Wines

A prominent aspect and integral part of the décor of a restaurant, a wine library takes the experience of exclusivity to another level altogether. Here, LIVING catalogues the plush fine dining restaurants that showcase shelves of their exclusive selection of wines. Wine lists aren’t exotic anymore. Almost every […]

Pinot Meunier vineyards in Vallée de la Marne

Élégance Noire: The world of Pinot Meunier

The Pinot Meunier has always been there, but champagne makers are now giving it that extra little attention and producing styles dedicated to this variety. Text and Images: Antoine Lewis Anyone who knows their sparkling wines will immediately associate the name Pinot Meunier with champagne. Along with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, it […]


The Flavours Of Japan

Sushi and sashimi may have become synonymous with Japanese cuisine, but their range of culinary extravagance extends far beyond these bite-sized delicacies. LIVING tantalises the tastebuds with takoyaki, ramen, okonomiyaki, tonkatsu, tempura and other gastronomic delights from the East Asian continent. There still may be some confusion over what they are, but […]

Indian Muslim Recipes series from Inquilab press

What’s cooking in a Bohra kitchen?

Urdu daily Inquilab is out with a unique set of four cookbooks that share recipes stirred up in Memon, Bohra, Kashmiri and Konkani kitchens Of the hundreds of cookbooks released every year in India, few are devoted to community-based recipes. Within this category, Muslim cookbooks are almost non-existent. […]

Naked Champagne

Champagne styles are evolving with time and tastes; one such new thinking is keeping champagne-makers busy. Text: Antoine Lewis The amount of dosage, the sugar solution added to champagne after disgorgement and before corking, does not usually merit much attention by consumers. Dosage, which determines the sweetness of the champagne, has been a largely irrelevant consideration because […]