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The East rises in South Mumbai

Three new pan-Asian restaurants opened in Colaba in the last two months About four years ago I wrote about how Colaba, and the areas around Kala Ghoda, were once again becoming a dining destination. Since then, the number of restaurants opening has been increasing at a steady pace. Till […]

Chicken in Sweet Chilli Sauce, All Stir Fry, Gordon House, Colaba

It’s your turn to bowl at All Stir Fry

  Built by an enterprising Englishman Arthur Gordon, Gordon House was a residential building till it was taken over by Mars Hospitality and turned into a boutique hotel in the early noughties. The brainchild of Sanjay Narang, the hotel opened with two restaurants – a seafood restaurant Tides and […]

A tasty lunch at Nahm, Bangkok

Lunch at Nahm, listed No 3 on the Asia Top 50 Restaurant list, was my travelling companion and gourmand-in-arms Mehernosh Khajotia’s idea. We took one look at the tasting menu and we all agreed: it had to be on the list. And what good decision that turned out […]

11:30pm Noodle Soup

About a week ago the girlfriend came home rather late one night complaining about her day. It was one of those when nothing goes right: deadlines were perilously closed to being missed because stories hadn’t come in on time and the stories that had come in needed to be re-written. […]

Surf n Turf Noodles

Not too many people have heard of the Surf n Turf concept although it’s been around for close to half a century. According to the great wiki, this style of combining meats with fish has been, “common in British or Irish pubs in North America and North American steakhouses.” […]