Peach-Apricot and Orange Milkshake

Peach-Apricot and Orange Milkshake

The discovery of Mapro’s Peach-Apricot Crush has been somewhat fortuitous. In this heat I’m always looking for something cold to drink;  something more exciting than water  and less intoxicating and calorific than beer. I haven’t returned to cold coffee as yet, mostly because I’ve become a coffee snob and can’t bear the thought of subjecting a good cup of brew to lashings of milk and ice.

The Peach-Apricot crush however was a refreshing change from the regular range of flavours. I found a touch of Cointreau gave it a very pleasant edge and made it a little more ‘adult’.

I took the idea a little further and added marmalade and OJ. It turned out to be a pretty filling drink with the sweetness of the crush nicely balanced by the freshness of the orange.

225 ml ice-cold milk
50 ml chilled orange juice
2½ tbsp peach-apricot crush (I used Mapro)
1 tbsp marmalade (if you’re using Indian marmalade, which is ridiculously sweet, then ½ tbsp)
couple of ice cubes
1 tsp Cointreau

Blend all the ingredients on high speed for about 1 minute together except for the ice cubes. Make sure that all the marmalade bits are blended well and the mixture is smooth.
Adjust taste. Add in the ice cubes and blend for another minute and a half.
If you’re using the Cointreau, stir gently into the milkshake just before serving. Do not blend.
Serve chilled.

Preparation Time: 5 minutes
Serves: 1

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