Third time’s the charm at Imbiss, Colaba

Imbiss offers good value for money, with just a few tweaks it could offer fabulous value for money. 

When Imbiss opened in Bandra last year everyone was pleasantly surprised. The green rupee in Mumbai is very strong and no restaurateur has dared to alienate vegetarian customers (well, apart from the older coastal eating houses, many of which include a lone vegetable dish on the menu listed indifferently as Veg). Imbiss however went the whole hog and ignored them all together.

I haven’t had the chance to visit the original Bandra outlet and was therefore quite pleased to discover last month that the second outlet was opening just one lane away from where I live.

In the last fortnight, I’ve visited the restaurant thrice. The first visit was an absolute disaster (the food and the service was atrocious), the second only a partial disaster (service was good and only one out of three dishes was disappointing).

But the third time we were lucky and our last visit, this weekend, we had a good meal. The reason we realised was that nothing we ordered came with a sauce. Many of the dishes at Imbiss are served in a brown sauce; each dish has a different version but all of them are made from the same base HP-soy-stock cube-flavoured brown sauce. The sauce however is so ridiculously over-salted that after a few mouthfuls you feel like you’ve consumed your RDA of salt for a week and you end up wasting a fair bit which is really unfortunate, because the quality of meat and the portion size are pretty good. I think it would be a good idea to ask for the sauce separately.

Imbiss is the Cafe Churchill of this generation. Though the name means ‘snack’ in German, it’s actually a modern, pork-focused spin on old-fashioned Club/ Parsi ‘continental’ food. Some of it is good, much of it is pleasant, all of it has the visual appeal of an inflight meal, but at a brilliant price.

Meat platter Imbiss, Colaba
Meat platter

It’s a pretty decent cold cut platter; nothing exceptional, nothing terrible. The portion size is good enough for 3-4 people. The diced cheese in the centre was confusing, we weren’t sure if it was butter or cheese and why they would serve it cut so small when they don’t have spoons on the table. Would make a lot more sense if they had cubed it.

Spicy beef, bacon and duck cakes Imbiss, Colaba
Spicy beef, bacon and duck cakes

A light dry, a little tough but the bacon bits make it quite tasty. Went well with the English mustard. The rosemary leaf was superfluous.

Meat and potato bites Imbiss, Colaba
Meat and potato bites

You can’t go wrong with any made of diced bacon and roughly mashed potato. Imbiss doesn’t either. The diced beets for obligatory colour didn’t interfere.

Chorizo rice imbiss, Colaba
Chorizo rice

Again, a bit dry but nice and spicy. If the egg yolk had been runnier it would have been perfect.

Romanian pork cordon bleu Imbiss, Colaba
Romanian pork cordon bleu

Never having hard of this dish before and therefore having never tasted and other version (who the hell makes Romanian pork cordon bleu?) I’d say this was pretty good. Kind of like having a fried ham and cheese sandwich, but with good ham.

Schnitzel and sausage Imbiss, Colaba
Schnitzel and sausage

Though the pork escalope was just a tad tough and could have been beaten a little thinner, the Schnitzel really was one of the best things on the menu. The meat by itself is quite tasty as is the coating, and the soft sausages add a nice contrasting texture.

German potato salad and brats Imbiss, Colaba
German potato salad and brats

With minced celery and diced black olives the potato salad is quite pleasing as are the sausages which, we noticed, were plumper this time compared to a previous meal. The sauce is ghastly.

Pipewala Buliding
4th Pasta Lane
Mumbai 400005
Tel: 022 22020455

4 replies to “Third time’s the charm at Imbiss, Colaba

  1. sir, you are a very talented and knowledgeable food writer. please give chicken patty recipe as it is a dying tradition. also, parsis claim it but it is actually islamic in origin


    1. Thank you kindly. Chicken Patties is actually not easy to prepare at home unless you’re very comfortable making puff pastry. Most of the recipes on this site however are simple and uncomplicated. However, I shall try and procure the recipe for you from a friend of mine who is a baker. As to it being a dying tradition, You can find it quite easily in Colaba and Bandra, though I perhaps not as easily in Delhi. On what basis do you say it’s Islamic in origin?


  2. Thank you for the review Antoine. We have taken your feedback and will ensure that your next visit will only get better.


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