Peach-Apricot and Orange Milkshake

The discovery of Mapro’s Peach-Apricot Crush has been somewhat fortuitous. In this heat I’m always looking for something cold to drink;  something more exciting than water  and less intoxicating and calorific than beer. I haven’t returned to cold coffee as yet, mostly because I’ve become a coffee snob […]

11:30pm Noodle Soup

About a week ago the girlfriend came home rather late one night complaining about her day. It was one of those when nothing goes right: deadlines were perilously closed to being missed because stories hadn’t come in on time and the stories that had come in needed to be re-written. […]

Tomato Canapes

This bruschetta-ish snack doesn’t really deserve a recipe considering it’s so ridiculously easy to make. Since the sauce verte is somewhat reminiscent of a pesto I thought it would go well with plain chopped tomatoes. I really didn’t want to got through all the trouble of picking up […]

Surf n Turf Noodles

Not too many people have heard of the Surf n Turf concept although it’s been around for close to half a century. According to the great wiki, this style of combining meats with fish has been, “common in British or Irish pubs in North America and North American steakhouses.” […]

Sauce Verte

I’m not sure why this should have come as such a surprise to me but there it was: Europeans make green chutney.  It stands to reason that any country that has an abundance of flavoursome, fresh herbs should at some point realise that they can be ground up […]