Disappointing flavours at Corniche, Carter Road

Just an underlying flavour of garlic in the Roasted Garlic Consommé. Tasted more like it was flavoured with a veg bouillon cube.
A pretty straightforward Wild Mushroom Soup with nice, meaty flavours of mushroom.
Stuffed mostly with shredded cabbage but very little cheese these were the oddest veg quesadillas I’ve tasted so far. It was served with salsa and sweet whipped cream. When we asked for sour cream, the returned the same cream but with some lime juice beaten in!
Too many contrasting flavours fighting for attention in the Pesto Prawns with and Aioli. Would have been quite tasty if they had opted for either the peppers or black olive and omitted the aioli.
Beef Roulade with Pepper Sauce: the beef roulade was a bit dry but the Pepper Sauce with green peppercorns was excellent. One of the highlights of the meal.
Can’t quite remember the exact name of the dish but it was something with Sea bass. What I do remember was that it was extremely salty and the black olives were extraneous.
The Molten Chocolate Cake should have been served hot and the choice of fresh fruit was inappropriate. Not pleasing at all. The Wine Sauce didn’t help much.
Not bad. The Tirami Su was intensely sweet, but light and fluffy nonetheless.


Invited by PR company  Yes
Guest of the chef/ restaurant  No
Restaurant knew I’m a food writer  Yes
Meal comped by the restaurant  Yes


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